Backwoods Jamboree CD / Audiobook & Songs

by Campfire Stu


Campfire Stu is not only a book series but a growing musical catalog for children and families alike.

 Each and every Campfire Stu book is accompanied by a full length CD, which embodies the story's themes while featuring the characters/musicians in the book. Campfire Stu & The Backwoods Jamboree spotlights the "Walk-About Song", an expanding musical jam, featuring instruments like the guitar, mandolin, wash-tub bass and banjo.

The Backwoods Jamboree features an full audio book and all original tunes ranging from the laid-back Eco-vibe of "Mother Nature Calls" to the fun silly number about how Stu meets the Squirrel "Little Black Squirrel and The Acorn Mandolin."