Campfire Stu & The Backwoods Jamboree

Campfire Stu & The Backwoods Jamboree is the first in a series of children's picture books featuring Stu, a musical young boy whose love of music and adventure overcomes his mother's expectations of daily chores. Stu's longing for adventure and musical camaraderie is the catalyst for his walkabout, a journey where he hits the road to meet new friends and explore the world within the backdrop of American Folk Music. Stu finds himself in the throws of different  predicaments and moral dilemmas, helping his new friends make better decisions for themselves while discovering a shared love for music.  Stu's song unfolds with the story, each character adding their own musical instrument and experience, building on the tune and ending with a huge backwoods jamboree in which everybody sings the "Walkabout Song."  

Featuring the vibrant, hand-drawn illustrations of Eric Kravako, each hardcover copy of The Backwoods Jamboree includes a code for a one-time free download of the audiobook (voiced by a full cast of award-winning voice actors) and fun, original music.  That's over thirty minutes of free, family friendly musical content.   Or, if you prefer, you the physical CD is also available.

Look for Campfire Stu & the Backwoods Jamboree at all major retailers on 10/17/17!

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Campfire Stu & The Big Brown Bus

The Big Brown Bus is the second book in the Campfire Stu series. In this story, Stu decides to skip school and take his band on the road in search of fame & fortune, after all who needs school anyways? Stu and his band renovate an old junkyard bus and go on tour, but they soon find out how important academics are when they're faced with mental challenges along the way. Campfire Stu & The Big Brown Bus is the introduction to Eric Kravako's (illustrator) real-life Oakavark mobile studio bus. This is where things get REAL! 

This book is in the development stage.